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Services we provide

Wallet More

This system supports HD wallets, can generate an unlimited number of addresses and clients, and has a balance notifier and token insufficiency notifier for more than a million tokens across over 25 blockchain networks. The wallet can be accessed via API or socket protocols.


Running fullnodes and halfnodes connected with the world's fastest programming language as a core to extract and organize data in superfast databases.


Generating tokens in over 20 networks. Tokenizing and creating different types of functional, security, and governance tokens.

Crypto exchange

Designing and developing P2P, OTC, and DEX exchanges, as well as supporting over 10,000 different types of tokens. Offering a high power order matching engine, multiple security layers, and expandable features. Available in iOS, Android, and PWA apps.

Smart contract

Developing and deploying smart contracts on public, private, and hybrid blockchain networks, including Ethereum and Tron.

NFT services

Developing NFT markets as well as infrastructures for minting NFTs on different networks such as Ethereum, BSC, Solana, and Tezos.